Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hyundai HB20 sedan spy shots

hyundai HB 20 Sedan image rendered
Hyundai HB 20 sedan image rendered

Hyundai HB20 is the Brazilian version of the i20 which is restyled to adapt Brazilian conditions. The HB 20 runs on Ethanol and diesel in Brazil.

Here we have got some spy shots of a sedan version of the HB20. The HB20 sedan is necessary for Hyundai in the Brazilian market as its toughest enemy Chevrolet Onix is scooped out sedan version called Prismo. SO the HB20 sedan will rival Prismo in Brazilian market.

Hyundai Hb 20sedan -spied side
The HB20 sedan is initially as same as the HB20 hatch till B pillar and from there the changes begin. The sedan looks like a generic Hyundai sedan thanks to its fluidic designing. The roof line really scoops down after the B pillar creating a thick C pillar. The rear of the car looks similar to the leaflets of a book. The sedan is ore proportioned and doesn't look odd like a hatch with a stubbed boot.

The HB20 sedan will be named as HB20 S and it will be launched on March 2013. it will be powered by a 1.0 and 1.6 l flex fuel engines.

Hyundai Hb 20S-spied side

We have heard plenty of rumors about an i20 sedan in India. But Hyundai has not confirmed it. If launched the new i20 sedan will share the new i10 platform. Although it will share some designing tweaks with the HB20S. But we are sure that HB20 S will not be launched in India

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