Monday, 4 February 2013

Ford Ecosport launch date postponed to April 2013 Have you lost your patience

 Update Ford Ecosport Launch Fixed on April, launch strategies changed(Click here)

We recently announced that Ford will launch Eco Sport in February 2013. But that has been postponed to April 2013. So everyone is very impatient with Ford right now. We don't know why Ford keeps on testing our patience with Eco Sport.

Ecosport is actually all set to launch. You can see thousands of Ecosport s test driving in Mumbai and Chennai. People already are starting to think Ecosport is launched already while seeing the massive test mules. Ford has showcased Ecosport in numerous dealerships already. Then Why are they not launching it?But  Ford has changed the launch date of Ecosport.

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Ford has postponed the launch date of its new SUV to April 2012. To months more. We think the reason lies in union budget 2012. There are reports that say government of India will reduce excise by 2% on  small cars. This will be applicable from April onwards.

So 2% excise benefit plus sub 4 m benefit and under 1.5 cc benefit will help Ford to price the Ecosport so competitively than its main rival Renault Duster. So roundly the price range will be between 7 to 10 lakhs.

Yellow Ford Eco SPort spied in  in Chennai
Ford Eco Sport spied Testing in Chennai

It is been so much time since Ecosport was unveiled for Indian market. Ford Ecosport and Renault Duster was unveiled in India at the same time. But it is been almost an year since the launch of Renault Duster and it has managed to sell about 25000 units already. Duster was selling hot because it did not have any major rivals and it enjoyed its first days.

Price of Duster has been hiked three times now and still plenty of sales as well. So almost 13 months after the unveil of Ecosport and the car is not launched. If Eco Sport was launched early with Duster  it would have gobbled up almost 3 quarters of Dusters share. People like Ecosport more than Renault Duster but they have lost their patience and are going towards Duster now.

Black coloured Ford Eco sport do you want to see it in reality.
Ford Eco Sport spied testing in Mumbai
So not some intelligent tactics by Ford. 13 months o delay after the unveiling wont help the car sales.

Renault Duster had outsell ed Ford Ecosport in Brazilian market. In 2012 Renault managed to sell about 46,893 Dusters while Ford sold 38,284 Ecosport s. So Ford is a bit afraid about Ecosport s success in India. But Ford can price the Ecosport more competitively in India than Brazil with its lower excise duties. But launch delay will be a problem. It will double if Ecosport has long booking period as well.

Have you lost your patience waiting for Eco Sport. Never forget to post your opinions in the comments box.Lets patiently wait for Eco sport till April.



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