Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tata nano diesel test mule spy images and launch date

Tata nano Diesel test mule spotted With proofs.

Tata nano test mule spotted again this month.Two weeks above we showed you spy shots of Tata nano 2013. But no we spotted an upgraded version of 2013 nano.
Tata nano diesel version spyed
Tata nano diesel(see the tweaks on front Bumper)

We suggest this could be the 2014 diesel version of nano. The front nose is more bigger for occupying a bigger engine.We also heard some noise from this engine which was not present on the test mule spotted yesterday.

The bumper design is changed which may be due to the larger diesel engine.Numerous equipments have been fitted on to this test mule as it has a new engine. The engine sound comes from the front of the car.The older nano had engine fitted on the rear.

Tata will launch the nano diesel on late 2013 or early 2014.The diesel nano will be powered by an 800cc 2 cylinder common rail diesel motor.It is expected to give a supreme fuel efficiency of 35km/l which might be the highest fuel efficiency figures for a car worldwide.The diesel nano will be priced under 3 lakhs making it the cheapest diesel car in the world.

Tata nano rear

Meanwhile Tata will launch a CNG kit for nano to boost its current sales.When the diesel variant is launched.It will sell hand in hand with the petrol variant and the CNG variant.

Tata is facing tremendous loss on the nano project.The nano did not create a quake as expected.Tata's plant in Sanand Gujarat is only producing 150000 Nanos annually while i has the maximum capacity of 250000.If the diesel variant too fails Tata may have to stop nanoing.




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