Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tata Nano 2013 test mule spotted

Tata nano 2013 concept

We have confirmed that Tata will launch Nano on 2013.Tata nano 2013 was scooped testing in Mumbai.No one knew that Tata was actually planning on making a 2013 nano.Tata was going very quietly under ground and was not spotted at all.

Earlier Ratan Tata told that they are planning on developing a diesel nano on 2013.But that project is now moving on languidly. It would be at least 2014 when diesel nano arrives here.

In that time Tata will face lift the current nano with some cosmetic upgrades and some minor tweaks.This nano we found testing will be launched on march before the Holli.
tata nano 2013 profile

Nano wasn't a great success in India.Everyone teased nano and described it as an rickshaw.Nano got the impression of a poor mans car.People laughed whie a nano climbed uphill slowly.

But any way nano was a great car.It is compact cheap and gives great mileage.Its small engine is peppy as well and the only problem is while climbing uphills.

Nano 2013 rear image

With the face lifted nano Tata plans to remove the 'poor man's car' impression and rise nano to a new level.Tata is [planning on creating nano love in the current youth.

The exteriors now have different color options.The one caught testing was blue.The headlamps have been made more sleek and sharper.There is a new set of foglamps as well for nano.On the sides there are some new lines floating.The rear gets new tail lamps and spoiler as well.

The interiors also looks slightly revised.There is this new beige color theme.the central console has been finished in aluminum.The knobs and buttons are redesigned.The seats have been changed as well.We also expect power steering feature to be available on Nano as well.

Tata nano facelift

The nose have been stretched than before.This may suggest that tested nano is using an 800cc motor.The engine looks quiet and refined too.We will keep on digging and confirm whether it is 800cc engine or not later.




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