Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hyundai T7 Tablet When did they enter android market

Hyundai new T7 car
Hyundai T7 Tablet

Hyundai is worlds most famous car maker isn't it. Hyundai makes different varieties of cars for different markets in the world. But you wont believe what Ia going to say next.

Hyundai has started off in Android market with the latest T7 smart tablet. The T7 is not just a car app, it is a complete smart android tablet. Very funny isn,t it. What is Hyundai actually planning to do by introducing a tablet at android market pretty much far of its stables? Who knows?

Hyundai T7 apps
Any way the T7 tablet is more car friendly. You can unlock and lock cars with it and it is fully connectible to a cars infotainment system and music system. You can buy a Hyundai T7 from the market by spending RS 10000 or $166. Pretty cheap fr a smart phone right!

T7 has a Samsung Exynos 4412 CPU which is the same one that powers Galaxy S3. The Hyundai T7 also comes with 1280 * 800 PX resolution. A 1 GB ram dual cameras, Wi-Fi port, blue tooth, G-sensor GPS and a micro HDMi port.

T7 has only 8GB of storage which cannot be expanded. The life of the 300 Mah battery would be just three days.

But Hyundai is just an entrant in the android market. People may thinking of a car manufacturers Smart tablet a bit too foolish. What is Hyundai planning in phone business. Have they gone crazy? No way. Hyundai always has some surprises inside them.



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